comp promoter analysis

Don Withers withers at
Mon Jan 27 13:18:04 EST 1997

On 24 Jan 1997, Helmut Glantschnig wrote:

> High!
> We have cloned a 1.9 kb mammalian genomic DNA that we have sequenced and
> identified as  a 5´regulatory region. We are currently in search for a
> computerized method to identify possible regulatory elements within this
> sequence. As we are not familiar with this area and do not own software to
> do such an analysis we are looking for help by this way. Does anyone know
> a place where this is routinely done and where we could submit our
> sequence, or is there a share/freeware available (PC or Mac) to do such
> analysis?
> Any help will be of great value to us.

	I have found two world wide web sites that may be useful to you.
Both use the TRANSFAC database of transcription factor binding sites.
When I ran my sequence, though,  different sets (mostly overlapping)
of binding sites were identified. I would recommend using both sites for
this reason.  

	The sites are;

Good Luck! 

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