NEB IMPACT 1 intein expression system

Randy Willis willis at
Tue Jan 28 20:18:27 EST 1997

Dear Public_Access_Machine,

With regards to your posting on the NEB Intein system, what kind of bugs
were you using and what kind of yields were you getting?  We're a
structural biology lab and I was never able to get anything that looked
like good induction.  To be honest, I also never went ahead and purified
the protein with the chitin resin, so I can't really say what my yeilds
might have been but we need crap loads of protein from preferably
minimal media.  So far, I have tried expressions in LB in the bacterial
strains BL21(DE3), TB1 and DH5a.  Any suggestions, hints or freebees
would be greatly appreciated...

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