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ladasky at leland.Stanford.EDU (John Ladasky) writes:

>	I'm starting to wonder whether TBE is worth it.  Every two months
>or so, I have to make a new 10X stock because it has precipitated.  And 
>when I do band purifications from agarose gels, I have to add more sodium
>perchlorate than if I use TAE, with a concomitant loss in DNA yield.  Mean-
>while, I have a 50X stock solution of TAE that I made up a year ago which
>I still use.

>	The only thin g that I can find in the literature is that TBE will
>give better resolution of high molecular-weight bands on an agarose gel
>(10 kB - 30 kB).  Is there any other justification for the use of TBE be-
>sides this?  And could one run sequencing gels with TAE instead of TBE?

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One advantage of TBE over TAE is that it can be run at a higher voltage because it carries less current.
However, you should try TTE (Tris 89 mM, taurine 28.5mM and EDTA 0.5mM for a 1X
solution). This buffer works well with agarose gels and sequencing gels and does
 not interfere with DNA isolation from agarose. I usually prepare a 20X solution
 (Tris 1.78M, taurine 0.57M and EDTA 10mM). This stock solution does not form a
precipitate and is stable for several months. I have used this buffer in my lab
for two years now for every gel that i run, and I would not change back to TAE or TBE. 

Yves Paquette
hopital Maisonneuve-Rosemont

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