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+>I am trying to improve my Factor Xa digest of my fusion protein and 
+>would be greatful if anyone has any useful hints and/or conditions.
+>At present I am digesting with 1% Factor Xa in 50Mm sodium acetate 
+>(the digest is done in Sodium acetate to avoid dialysis after the 
+>prior to loading on to a Mono S column) for 6hrs at 37C.

A few hints. Ensure there is no detergent in the mix. FXa is rather 
intolerant of detergent.
Drop the pH by a little (to about 7-7.4).
Add a little calcium (2 mM)
Add a little salt (to 150mM or so)

You can dilute out the salt before loading onto the MonoS column.

You can check the activity of your FXa with a synthetic substrate. 1% 
sounds like a lot of FXa.

Hope this helps.


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