Help solubilize insoluble protein

Akihiro Ohno, Ph. D. ohnoamk at
Wed Jan 29 21:16:29 EST 1997

Dear fellow scientists:
	I am currently in need of protocol to solubilize protein which is
insoluble to water. It was once soluble to water, but after ammonium
sulfate precipitation followed by washing with deionized water on the
ultrafilteration membrane (50000cut), it has become insoluble.
	For our next experimental step, we have to inject the desired protein
to rats, so we cannot use toxic detergents nor organic solvents for
	Could you suggest some methods/reagents which might enable
solubilization of the protein while keeping it non-toxic to the animals?
Thank you for your suggestion.
Akihiro Ohno, Ph. D.
Advance, Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
E-mail: ohnoamk at

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