enzyme kinetics with polymer substrates

Achim Recktenwald, PhD achim at ibex.ca
Thu Jan 30 12:54:10 EST 1997

Hi everybody,

I am working with enzymes using polysaccharides as substrate. Each
polysaccharide molecule contains several 'substrate-sites' at which it
is cut into subsequently smaller fragments. With all likelihood the
affinity of the enzymes for these fragments differs, e.g., the Km and/or
Vmax-value is not the same, as for the undigested polymer.

I am now looking for publications describing the enzyme kinetics and
experiments concerning the enzyme mechanism of these kind of enzymes.

Since there are many enzymes with a similar behavior, e.g., amylases,
DNA restriction enzymes, and so on, I am hoping that there is some
literature availabe.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance,


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