Re Clontech PCR Select

Marilyn Bakker Marilyn.Bakker at
Thu Jan 30 21:44:58 EST 1997

We produced a similar PCR picture as that shown in the kit's
manual. The provided G3PDH primers, as control, did generate a unique
band consistent with a size of 452bp as expected from amplification of

Hi Netters,
My point about the G3PDH being used as a control is this: A good RT PCR
control will amplify across an intron or 2. This will give you a good
indication that your signal is from CDNA and not from genomic that may
have come through all your extraction procedures. (The genomic band has
a higher MW) If you run a genomic control PCR you will notice that you
will amplify an even better band than from this than from the PCR select
Marilyn B,

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