Drosophila cell lines

Andy Butler butler at odin.mdacc.tmc.edu
Thu Jan 30 12:32:37 EST 1997

John J Peloquin wrote:
> Dear Netters,
> Where might I look for information about some Drosophila cell lines, SL-2,
> Schneider, etc?
> I've looking in ATCC's catalog which is usually pretty helpful for
> hybridomas etc. but there was nothing in the species index for Drosophila.
> John Peloquin
> Mol. Biol. & Bioch.
> UC Irvine
ATCC's number for Schnieder SL2 cells is CRL 1963. If you still can't
find it, send me private e-mail and I'll send you the info we have on
these cells.
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