painful gel loading???!!!!!!

Mike Irwin bio-rad at
Thu Jan 30 11:09:15 EST 1997

In article <32F0A569.7F47 at>, Darren Natale
<dnatale at> wrote:

> samples were PCR reactions (performed without mineral oil).  I loaded
> half the 
> reaction onto the gel, only to have them float out in streams of blue. 
> After a
> fresh buffer change, I loaded the remaining half without incident.

In that case, we're probably talking about contamination in your loading
buffer where your bugs ate the glycerol or other "weighting" substance.
This happened to me a couple of times until I went to aliquoting my load
buffer stock into smaller amounts.
Cheers, Mike

PS. Keep an open mind but don't let the wind blow freely thru it.

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