Aliquoting Antibodies for freezing - HELP!

Darren Natale dnatale at
Thu Jan 30 08:48:21 EST 1997

Jen Robertson wrote:
> I hope someone can give me advice on how to aliquot polyclonal IgG. I've
> been told to use 100% glycerin with added sodium azide. BUT the problem is
> that the glycerin is so gummy by the time the whole amount gets sucked into
> the pipette (250ul). I need help  on this!!!! Any other suggestions. Please
> email.

I see that others have already given you advice about freezing Ab, so I
just add a tip regarding pipetting glycerin.  The process is much easier
if the
glycerin is heated to 37 degrees C.  If heating is not a problem, then
this works 

D. Natale
dnatale at

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