The life time of Luria Broth(LB) media with Ampicillin ?

Kiley R. Prilliman kprillim at
Thu Jan 30 19:56:21 EST 1997

Why not just make up your LB (store it on a shelf or wherever at room
temperature), and separately make up many SMALL aliquots of ampicillin
(50mg/mL) in water stock, which are stored at -20°C?  You can easily
dilute the ampicillin into cultures individually as needed (and the
remainder of the thawed ampicillin aliquot is simply tossed in the
trash...that's why the aliquots should be small).  We have been doing
this with no problems, and the frozen ampicillin aliquots have
demonstrated to still be quite effective after being stored for even
1-1/2 years!  It's also handy, because then you always have LB available
that can be used for EITHER selective or nonselective purposes.

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