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Thu Jan 30 23:17:59 EST 1997

ags at MOLE.BIO.CAM.AC.UK wrote:

: hello,  

: i am working with Staphylococcus aureus and i would like to put two questions 
: to the group with the hope someone has an answer:  
: 1.  If you are using lysostaphin, is there any source for obtaining it you 
: recommend, cheaper for example.  I've heard of a supplier, a USA company 
: which has a recombinant form which is cheaper than the Sigma one.
: 2.  Is there any reliable method of obtaining plasmids from S.aureus, i.e.
: 'minipreps'. 

: Thanks in advance

: amalia

 I did some plasmid extraction from Staph using a pulse field electrophoresis. After running the gel, you could use beta agarase to purify the plasmid. It should work. Good luck. NatalieZZDI
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