large amount of mRNA is needed

Shelley Cole shelley at DARWIN.SFBR.ORG
Fri Jan 31 14:02:56 EST 1997


Ambion sells some kits that use some sort of modified polymerase or 
buffer that will in vitro transcribe large amounts (mgs) of message.  I 
have used their MEGAShortscript kit with success, but do not know their 
secret.  I believe their kits work with T7 or Sp6 promoters for any 
cloned gene.

I hope this helps answer your question?


On 31 Jan 1997, Wei Shao wrote:

> Hello all, is there any vector good for making large amount of mRNA 
> from a cloned gene? I do not need expressed protein, only need 
> mRNA. Promega has some trancription vectors. I think those are for 
> isolating mRNA for in vitro transcription. What I need is isolating 
> mRNA of cloned gene from bacterial in mg level-- Is it possible?
> Thanks.
> Wei

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