Microfuge Advice Wanted

George Rutherford gruther at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Tue Jul 1 16:05:28 EST 1997

In article <5oopba$e9c at news.doit.wisc.edu>,
klenchin at facstaff.REMOVE_TO_REPLY.wisc.edu (Dima Klenchin) wrote:

> In article <none-230697174120 at bmv.bocklabs.wisc.edu>, none (Me) wrote:
> #My lab is looking to replace a variety of old microfuges


We have two of the Eppendorf 5415C's, one in the cold room permanently.
They are seven years old, no problems, very quiet and used a LOT. I've
used the Fisher micros (previous lab and I don't remember the model) and
geez what a racket! Another good thing (at least I think so) about the
Eppendorf is that you can defeat the interlock for quick spins :)


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