Nonradioactive Northern Blots

Chris Ingle cxi3 at PSU.EDU
Tue Jul 1 12:00:38 EST 1997

Hi All!

Has anyone out there had any success with N. blots and
nonradioactively-labeled probes?  I have been trying to probe my blot
with a DIG-labeled probe, and visualize using chemiluminescence, with no
success.  My probe is efficiently labeled, but after I hybridize (using
Clontech's ExpressHyb), wash, and expose, nothing.  Well, except a
little bit of a schmear on the blot, but I know my probe is highly
specific, so I think that's just background.  Our lab is currently
waiting to be cleared for radioisotopes, so until then I have to use
other means.  Any ideas/advice? Please e-mail me directly  rather than
posting to the newsgroup, if possible.

Chris Ingle
Penn State University
Dept. of Veterinary Science
115 Henning Bldg
University Park, PA  16802
(814) 863-8527
cxi3 at

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