Disposable Columns

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Jared Head <bijgh at zeus.bris.ac.uk> wrote in article
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> I've been making home-made affinity columns by putting some glass wool at
> the bottom of a disposable 20ml syringe and pouring the sepharose in on
> top.  > 
> Has anybody got any better methods for keeping the resin in, or can you
> buy cheap plastic columns with a filter already in the bottom (which
> be ideal)?

You can obtain sheets of porous polyethylene (35 or 70 micron porosity)
from Bolabs and similar suppliers of lab plastics, and use cork borers to
cut frits for any size column using disposable syringes; this is the same
approach we use for constructing centrifuge columns. You can also obtain
disposable columns containing frits from Biorad and, I think, a few other


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