Disposable Columns

Sam Michaelson sam.michaelson at dsto.defence.gov.au
Wed Jul 2 17:37:35 EST 1997

Jared Head wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been making home-made affinity columns by putting some glass wool at
> the bottom of a disposable 20ml syringe and pouring the sepharose in on
> top.  It works, but is a bit unreliable; sometimes the glass wool allows
> resin to leak out, other times there's too much glass wool and the drip
> rate is very slow.
> Has anybody got any better methods for keeping the resin in, or can you
> buy cheap plastic columns with a filter already in the bottom (which would
> be ideal)?

I seem to remember, many years ago (oh dear, was it that long?) getting some 
cheap-ish (well, cheap compared to the glass ones) plastic columns from 
BioRad; they held up to about 20 ml of resin, and came equipped with a little 
frit thing for each end of the gel bed.  They also proved to be relatively 
easy to wash and re-use.  I can't remember exactly what they were called 
('Bio-Pac'?  'Econo-Pac'?), but I suggest that you look under the 
chromatography section of the BioRad catalogue.

Sam Michaelson
bewildered biochemist

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