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Wed Jul 2 10:43:05 EST 1997

Tadahide Izumi wrote:
> I just wish if His- or GST-thrombin (of course without thrombin site) was
> available.
> Then it could be removed from my protein very easily after the treatment
> by reloading on Ni2+ or GST column.


Novagen sells a biotinylated-thrombin for attachment to streptavidin
beads.  We have it but have not used it much (no particular reason). 
Another possibility, using the normal thrombin, is to use affinity
chromatography to remove the thrombin post-cleavage reaction.  This can
be accomplished with a couple of products which we have purchased from
Sigma:  benzamidine conjugated to agarose beads
        anti-thrombin on a resin bead
comapred to the Novagen product, these aren't all that expensive.

Best of luck,

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