HELP! with epitope tagging

John Watson watson_j at
Thu Jul 3 15:11:53 EST 1997

Jeffrey Andrew Mahr wrote:
> Has anyone out there ever put an epitope tag on an integral membrane
> protein on the EXTRAcellular side?  If so - shich worked, which didn't?
> How much do i have to worry about the epitope aa sequence screwing up the
> processing of the protein.  I want to do some immunolocalization and my
> protein barely sticks its N terminus out of the plasma membrane.
>         If you can help, please email me directly at jmahr at

I have seen a report of just such a tagging w/ a G protein coupled
receptor. In this case, there was a signal sequence incorporated at the
5' end of the tag - I think it was a myc tag, but I'm not sure. (I can
try to find the refernce if you really want).

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