Choosing a manual sequencing cell

John Watson watson_j at
Thu Jul 3 15:08:06 EST 1997

Istituto Medicina Legale wrote:
> Dear netters,
> I'm in trouble choosing a manual sequencing electrophoresis apparatus.
> The best value for money cells I've been proposed are Life Technologies S2
> model and Bio-Rad Sequi-Gen GT model. The first has a classical aluminun
> plate heat dispersion system whilst the second has a new heat dissipation
> system based on upper chamber buffer. Plus the second would be provided
> with a specific thermo probe for a dedicated power supply, that could
> mantain more easily a fixed gel temperature.
> On the basis of your experience what system would you suggest? I don't need
> a large gel, so the 31 cm of S2 model instead of 21 cm of Sequi-gen are not
> important to me.

I spent most of my post-doc life sequencing on a Gibco-BRL S2 sequencer.
Reliable, easy to assemble, not much trouble with leaks, easy to clean.
I do not have any experience w/ the Bio-Rad unit.



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