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Karl Voss karl at
Thu Jul 3 16:40:18 EST 1997

Hi All

Perhaps we could require a keyword in the body of a message to the bionet
newsgroups. Most spammers would not take the time to find out what this 
word is. I have heard that this has been done with other groups and has 
helped somewhat. I don't have any idea how to implement it.

The spam problem is not likely to stop until ISP's and the internet 
administration in general charges money for each post and email. I know 
that this sounds extreme and very anti-internet, but the price wouldn't 
have to be much. Maybe one cent per post or email, which wouldn't make 
much difference to most responsible users. I doubt that this would cost
anyone more then a dollar a month, except for the bulk emailers and such.

I apologize for my ranting and raving. I hope some solution can be found.



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