SYPRO orange stain on PhastSystem gels ?

Vadim Kraynov vkraynov at
Thu Jul 3 23:10:53 EST 1997


Thanks for this suggestion ! You are probably right - I 'm not sure what the 
gel backing consists of, but it probably does block UV.  I was thinking about 
removing the backing somehow, but the gel is really fragile, and I couldn't 
find the way.  I'll try illuminating it from above.

The problem , however, is that I NEED to TRANSilluminate in order to 

 This dye, if works, would provide a great alternative to time-consuming 
silver staining, with  practically the same sensitivity, plus easy 
"photographability" - just like regular EB stained agarose DNA gels.   Cheers


In article <33BC5F95.41C6 at>, Randy Willis 
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>Vadim Kraynov wrote:
>> Did anybody successfully stain Pharmacia's Phast System protein SDS gels
>> (with plastic backing) with BioRad's SYPRO orange protein stain ?
>> I want to make a photo of my gel, and can't seem to be able to stain it with
>> this new stain, which supposed to fluoresce under UV...
>I don't mean this to sound condescending, but are you sure that the UV
>light transmits through the plastic backing?  If possible, try shining a
>UV lamp on the stained gel from above to see if the proteins are
>stained.  You may also want to call Pharmacia to see if they have any
>ideas about the backing and UV light.  If you do, please be sure to post
>the result on the newsgroup.
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