SYPRO orange stain on PhastSystem gels ?

Randy Willis willis at
Thu Jul 3 21:27:33 EST 1997

Vadim Kraynov wrote:
> Did anybody successfully stain Pharmacia's Phast System protein SDS gels
> (with plastic backing) with BioRad's SYPRO orange protein stain ?
> I want to make a photo of my gel, and can't seem to be able to stain it with
> this new stain, which supposed to fluoresce under UV...


I don't mean this to sound condescending, but are you sure that the UV
light transmits through the plastic backing?  If possible, try shining a
UV lamp on the stained gel from above to see if the proteins are
stained.  You may also want to call Pharmacia to see if they have any
ideas about the backing and UV light.  If you do, please be sure to post
the result on the newsgroup.

Best of luck,

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