silver stain with Gel Bond sheet

Nicola Cucurachi cnic at
Fri Jul 4 11:32:24 EST 1997

Laurent POULOUIN wrote:
> I will make a silver stain after an isotachophoresis , and I ask myself if
> GelBond PAG plastic sheet is compatible with Silver Stain like the BioRad
> one, and if I make some modifications in the classic process.
> Thanks for your answers,
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>                                                    Laurent POULOUIN

Dear Laurent,
I've been performing silver staining on Gelbond (FMC) backed
Polyacrylamide film since 1994 and I've never had any problems. I don't
use a silver staining kit but prepare the solutions in my lab.(1%HNO3,
AgNO3, Natrium Carbonate + Formaldehyde, 10% HCOOH, 5% Glycerol)    
If Bio-Rad Silver Stain kit contains the same solutions as mine you
won't have any problem.

Good luck,
Nicola Cucurachi

Institute of Legal Medicine
Forensic Haemogenetics Laboratory
Via Gramsci, 14   43100   PARMA   ITALY
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