Subtracted hybridization offer

Dom Spinella dspinella at
Mon Jul 7 10:17:31 EST 1997

Alexander Laman and Serg Kurdjukov write:

> Dear colleagues !
> We developed simple and effective method for subtracted hybridyzation. It
> allows to carry out all hybridization procedures in one day and to attein
> more full subtracted degree than all existing methods at the same time. It
> is simple and inexpensive. It has tested on the model system and showed 
> good results but hasn*t published yet. Now we searching partners or any
> form of collaborations for the best applications of our method on the real
> object. We would remaind you that subtracted hybridyzation gets the better
> results in cases when gene expression changes greatly especially when genes
> are "switching on" or " switching off". 
> Please send you offers to this newsgroup or to E-mail: 
> brovko at 
> for Alexander Laman and Serg Kurdjukov.

While the utility of subtractive hybridization approaches is
undisputable, perhaps you would have more luck "marketing" your process
if you provided some indication of what it is and how it improves upon
existing technology.  You haven't published it (have you filed a patent
application?) or even described it, so the rest of the world is left to
simply take your word that you have invented a better mousetrap. 
Science in the West typically doesn't work like that.  If you have
indeed come up with an approach that is superior to all others, please
submit it for publication in an appropriate peer-reviewed journal.  If
your ideas are as good as you think, you will find plenty of
collaborators.  Good luck.  -- D.G. Spinella

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