Help! Protein refolding problem

Poi Ming Jye poi.2 at
Tue Jul 8 17:46:08 EST 1997

        I have a problem in refolding my protein.  Well, the major problem is my 
protein has 7 disulfide bonds.  Therefore, in the process of refolding, I 
often lose a lot of protein due to many steps of refolding and misfolding too. 
 My protocol was developed about 7 years ago, and I am just a first year 
graduate student, and really know not much about protein.  If anyone comes 
across a more recent protocol on protein folding, especially with S-S bonds, 
please  let me know.  Anyone who knows  a protocol on purifying proteins with 
many S-S linkages, please kindly let me know.  I would really, really 
appreciate it.


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