transformation of sphingomonas

Michel Page Michel.Page at
Wed Jul 9 19:00:22 EST 1997

Dear colleagues,

I'm trying to express recombinant genes in a new bacteria belonging to
Sphingomonas species, but the efficiency of transformation is extremely
low. I presently use the electroporation method for introducing
recombinant DNA in Sphingomonas. The electro-competent cells are
prepared following a std. protocol for E. coli, and electroporate using
the E. coli pulser from Bio-rad (1,6kV; 0,1cm cuvette).
Any suggestions about the transformation of Sphingomonas species or
other related bacteria are wellcome. 

Mario Harvey, 
mario.harvey at

Fac. of Medicine
Universite Laval
Quebec, CANADA

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