Adding a polyA tail to a vector?????

John Watson watson_j at
Wed Jul 9 15:20:42 EST 1997

Eric Anderson wrote:

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> with that in mind, why not just construct a combination vector which could
> be used to transcribe cRNA (i.e. one of the pSP vectors from Promega or
> some other company) with a polyA-tract region from a mammalian expression
> vector?  i'm sure there could be some technical problems that i'm missing
> here but as long as there are suitable restriction sites (always an issue
> if you use Promega vectors IMHO) it seems to be a plausible idea.  of
> course, since i don't work with Xenopus at all or mammalian expression
> systems very much there could be something i just don't get.
> eric

The mammalian expression vectors you refer to contain polyadenylation
signals, often from the bovine growth hormone gene, but no tracts of
polyadenylic acid. Unfortunately, these polyadenylation signals are not
recognized by SP6 or T7/T3 polymerases.  This at least is how I
understand this question -- I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong ;-)

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