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In article <5ptqd5$uq8$1 at>, Bob Gross
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>I have a "different" idea. It seems to me that the spammers will stop spamming
>when it fails to make money for them. So... what if each of us sends junk mail
>to their email addresses, requiring more of their time ($$$) to read? Just copy
>some random text you have lying around and email it to them with a subject line
>like "important - order". They will have to read all their email to see what is
>important. If they get "spammed" by us, perhaps they will get the point?

Two problems with this. A lot have fake return addresses so mailing them
has no effect. The bandwidth that this approach takes up just makes
everything slower for us all.

I don't think it will go away but having a news reader that allows kill
files helps. I get more of a problem with spam by email. The spammers
have access to software that trawls newsgroups and web pages for email
addresses which then get added to their mail list and so on. 


The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
sliced from time to time....

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