HeLa transient transfection

carreer r.carreer at eurogentec.be
Wed Jul 9 07:20:49 EST 1997


Eurogentec has launched a transfection reagent DAC-30 which gives a
transfection efficiency 10 fold higher than lipofectin with HeLa
cells. Free sample and protocol for HeLa cells are available. For
additional info, please contact r.carreer at eurogentec.be

Fritz Grunert <grunert at ruf.uni-freiburg.de> wrote:

>we try to transfect HeLa cells transiently with pRC/CMV or pBHE vectors
>and CD66 inserts but have very poor expression (transfection with
>lipofectamin (Gibco) 2µg DNA on 80% confluent HeLa cells, 6 well plate)
>3-5% positive cells after 48h compared with CHO-cells. Has anyone an
>idea or good protocol for efficient transfection of HeLa?

>Fritz Grunert

>Institute for Immunobiology,
>University of Freiburg, Germany

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