genomic DNA recuperation from agarose

Flore BELLEFONTAINE flore.bellefontaine at
Wed Jul 9 05:17:35 EST 1997

Hi All,
I would like to purify large amount of genomic DNA from O.5 to 5 kb in
order to create a library.
Do you know any method of purification from agarose gel useful in that
case? The genomic DNA I use is very viscous, so I load big volumes on the
gel, that means large amounts of agarose to clear.
Do you know if sucrose gradients are useful to separate fragments in that
range of size? I've been said sucrose gradients are fine for sizes above

Any suggestions, ideas are welcome!

Thanks in advance

Bellefontaine Flore
Molecular Genetic Laboratory
Flore.bellefontaine at

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