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Darren A. Natale dnatale at box-d.nih.gov
Thu Jul 10 08:57:54 EST 1997

ma wrote:
> Dear Netters:
> I have met many problems in DNA sequence recently, so I like to initiate
> a discuss on this topics. I cloned a PCR product and insert into a
> T-vector. The enzyme check of polylinker is OK. The sequence from one
> end (T7) by DNA automator is OK. But the sequence from another end
> (SP6)did not get  any signal. The sequence was conducted by a commercial
> company since our lab has no such equipment. Could any one give your
> idea what is wrong about it? I also like to know the general
> troublesomes in DNA automation sequence and how to avoid them? Any
> seggestion and discussion is greatly welcome.

Are you using Invitrogen's pCRII vector?  You may think that you are,
but you
actually might be using a different plasmid (pCR2.1).  This second
vector lacks
the SP6 promoter.  Check the tube containing the T-vector to make sure
it is not pCR2.1.  Note that you can still use the M13 forward and
reverse primers with 
both vectors.

D. Natale
dnatale at box-d.nih.gov

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