Negative bands on Southern/Northern

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Thu Jul 10 09:08:43 EST 1997

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> I had the same experience several years ago. A friend of mine who is a
> chemist at the Eastman Kodak Co. told me that its due to "solarization". 
> Near as I can remember its that there is so much isotope in the band that
> it "burns out" the grains on the film resulting in a white or clear band.

> I have no reason to disbelieve him but it would be interesting to hear if
> anybody else knows of this phenomenon.

I have had similar inquiries from our 32P customers over the years
concerning clear film caused by high levels of radioactivity.   I have
never been able to find a satifying explanation of this phenomenon.  If
anyone can explain or provide a reference for "solarization" it would clear
up an old mystery.  

Susan Kramer
NEN Life Science Products

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