Help! Problem about Southern Blotting

Wilson netson at
Sat Jul 12 01:16:03 EST 1997

Dear all and Richard,
	I suspected that the DNA binding capacity of the membrane was a
major reason to cause the problem. Since I have used relatively large
amount of DNA (about 20 ug) in the blotting,
the membrane could only hold part of DNA while the
others remained in the agarose gel (after the membrane was saturated with
DNA).  I have observed some genomic DNA in the agarose gel and membrane
under UV exposure after the blotting. 


> Dear Wilson,
> You probably made a successful southern bloting. Generally only part
> of the DNA could be transfered(but is enough for your hybridization). So
> just go ahead with your next step, you will get what you want.
> Richard

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