Electroporate the THP-1 cell line.

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>Hi there:
>Can anyone provide electroporation protocol for the THP-1 cell line?
>We are using the BTX Electro Cell Manipulator 600 and 2 mm gap cuvette.
>I would prefer 10 million cells for each sample. 
>We tried to find the condition these days, but it seems the cells are very
>difficult to recover after the electroporation. However, under mild
>condition, transfection efficiency is too low. 
>If anyone happen to have the successful experience, could you reply?
>Thanks in advance!

we've never tried to transfect this cell line, but we've had good luck
with using the BTX protocol service.  call them up and tell them that
you're looking for a protocol for this cell line.  they do lit searches
for people using BTX electroporators and then get permission to put their
protocols in their database.  then when you call, if they have a protocol
for your cell line (or one like it) they'll fax it too you.

good luck,


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