The best DNA analysis software?

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>I am currently using Geneworks on the Mac and this is pretty satisfactory,
>but I was wondering what other people have tried and liked.  I generally do
>restriction analysis, multiple sequence alignments, primer design, and
>sequencing projects.  I have used PCgene and GCG, and I have access to Mac,
>Intel based PC, and SGI platforms.
>Thanks for you input.

i have also used Geneworks on the mac and i agree that it's pretty good
although it might as well be written by microsoft IMHO because it's such
an incredibly bloated piece of software for most applications.  if you're
looking to invest in another system for dna work, i would suggest
Sequencher by Gene Codes.  so far i haven't been able to convince either
boss i've worked for to buy it ("sure, itworks great, but we've already
got $10,000 tied up in this system, why spend more on another system" is
always the reply), but if it were my lab and i was looking for a sequence
analysis program that's what i'd go with.  stay far, far away from the
MacVector programs.  absolutely horrid.  in order to do alignments you
need to buy a separate program called AssemblyLign which is prone to
crashing if you try to use key commands to control it instead of pull-down

these are only my opinions based on 5 years of working with the 2
different programs (and two concerted efforts to introduce Sequencher to
different labs) and of course, YMMV but i'd at least get a demo version of
Sequencher (

good luck,


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