Announcement: NEW FAQ list in HTML format

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Mon Jul 14 12:17:58 EST 1997

Dear Methods Netters:

I have finally updated the FAQ list for this newsgroup!!!

The NEW FAQ list is now in HTML format, with a hyperlinked table of
contents, links to all E-mail addresses within the document, and
links from all references to an alphabetical listing at the end of
the file in BiBTeX format. The new file FAQlist.html can be found at:

Please change any pointers you have to this site.  An ASCII version
of the same file is still available at the previous FTP location, so
people who do not have access to a web browser can still download a
readable copy.

If you would like to see further improvements to the FAQ list,
please let me know.

Thank you for supporting "Hengen Products" ;-) and I hope
you enjoy the *New and Improved* FAQ list.


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