Help: How to Computerize My Lab Notebook?

Guy Oshiro Guy.Oshiro at
Tue Jul 15 18:38:08 EST 1997


I was just wondering what kind of tactics people have utilized to
computerize their lab notebooks.  I am currently using Microsoft Word
to input my lab notes - and it is sort of working okay.  I'm still
trying to figure out the best way of organizing all of my various
projects.  I am not convinced that I am doing it in the best way.

My main reason to comuterize my notebook is so that I will have quick
access to any of my data.  And of course being organized is always
better than being a mess.

I have thought about making a filemaker database to put all of my notes
on.  But then I figured that someone might have done it already.  :-)

Please let me know how you have comuterized your notebook.  I would
appreciate any ideas.  


Guy Oshiro
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