lysis buffer / protein concentration

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Tue Jul 15 08:59:59 EST 1997

Have you looked at the BCA assay?  Sigma or Pierc can supply you with a
list of compatible reagents.  There's also and analytical biochemistry
paper by Smith, et al. testing the limits of the assay (150: 76-85,

Perhaps you could look into a protein precipitation method also (soch as
Wessel and Flugge, Analytical Biochemistry 138: 141-143 1984).

In addition, a number of companies sell resins that remove detergents. 
Try Bio-Rad, Pierce, and Calbiochem.

I have used the Wessel and Flugge method when I was in your position,
and it wroks very well.  Sometimes you need a little urea or guanidine
to resuspend the protein after it's precipitated, though. 

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