2nd Announcement: Flavivirus Symposium and Chronic Viral Hepatitis Meeting, Lyon, France (Oct 97)

Alan KAY kay at lyon151.inserm.fr
Tue Jul 15 03:04:51 EST 1997

			*****2nd ANNOUNCEMENT*****

An International Symposium on Flaviviridae will be held on the 9th 
October 1997 in Lyon, France. The symposium is sponsored by ICN 
Pharmaceuticals, and there is no charge, but you have to register. This will 
be followed (10-11 October) by the Vth International Conference "Current 
Trends in Chronically Evolving Viral Hepatitis". The deadline for 
registration and abstracts at this meeting is the 31st July 1997. 
Registration fees are 2000 FF before the deadline and 3000 FF thereafter.
For more information, please visit the web site at the URL:


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