painful gel loading???!!!!!!

brendon priceb at
Tue Jul 15 01:55:11 EST 1997

Do you have glycerol in your loading buffer, since that should allow the
DNa to sediment?

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> >Hello,
> >I have a painful problem about agarose gel loading. The DNA samples do
> >not stay at the bottom of wells, intead, they float out of wells and
> >diffuse into the buffer. The loading buffer I use is 6XBPB, the gel
> >running buffer is 1X TBE. It is not because of air bubbles or oil in the
> >samples. Could you let me know what is going on? Thank you.
> Hi! The simplest thought I've got: may be Your DNA is not good dried
> from ethanol? (it is less dense than water). Or smth else.

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