SPAMS are killing Bionet!

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Wed Jul 16 12:16:17 EST 1997

Dear Methods Netters:

I am about to write my farewell column to be published in the September 1997
issue of TIBS.  That experimental monthly column, which has lasted nearly 4
years, was meant to review currrent discussions in this newsgroup
(bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts).  If you are not familiar with my monthly column
in TIBS, you can find out more about it through the Methods FAQ list or through
my HomePage.

In the final article, I would like to make an attempt to review the history and
current status of this group. To that end, I am wondering if people would like
to make comments about how the group has evolved over the past few years (good
and bad) and what can be done to improve it in the future. For example, the
most recent problems the group faces (I think) are the mass postings and spams,
both through the newsgroup and through E-mail. I now get at 4-5 junk E-mails a
day and see upwards of 20-30 junk postings through only one Bionet group
(methods) per month.  I beleive this will eventually kill the Bionet if it is
not checked somehow (and some action taken quickly).  I also think it is
unreasonable for someone to moderate this wonderful group.  I'd like to hear
what people think about how to solve this problem, or any other problem you
think exists here.  Please post or E-mail to me fairly quickly since I only
have one week to complete this last manuscript.

Thank you.

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