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Michael C. Gorry mcgorry at
Thu Jul 17 10:15:52 EST 1997

Hey there

I was wondering if anyone was aware of a book or journal article that
gives a description of vector selection for cloning.  What are the
advantages of using vectorA over vectorB?  What should you look for when
selecting a vector?  What advantages does one vector expressed in cell
lineA have over cell lineB.  I was hoping to find some of the finer
details.  Right now, I select a vector essentially by flipping a coin for
the ones that meet most of the criteria needed, but my experience is very
limited.  The journal and web searches that I performed did came up with
specifics for individual vectors but no background that indicates what
factors should be considered when selecting for a vector. Any teaching
texts, reference articles, or books would be appreciated.



Michael C. Gorry
University of Pittsburgh
Center for Genomic Sciences
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