Q: BSA fraction V for Church-Gilbert's solution

David Winterbourne sghk100 at sghms.ac.uk
Fri Jul 18 03:59:14 EST 1997

David F. Spencer wrote:
> In article <13899944986 at dna.cbiot.ufrgs.br>, diego at DNA.CBIOT.UFRGS.BR
> (Diego Bonatto) wrote:
> >   I have one question about BSA fraction V: there are a lot of BSA
> > fraction V that differ in its purification process only (Sigma
> > catalog and others). I want to make the Church-Gilbert's solution for
> > Northern Blot ...
> Given the cost of this material I would recommend the least expensive (that
> being about 90 cents US per gram). ...

In the original paper by Church & Gilbert (Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci.USA
81:1991-1995, 1984), BSA was reported to cause only a halving of
background. Why not make the most savings and leave it out altogether? I
have been doing this for years and have not had problems with

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