SPAMS are killing Bionet!

Sathish, P. sathish at BIOKEMI.SU.SE
Fri Jul 18 07:33:07 EST 1997

Dear Dr. Danforth,

I disagree with you.  Posters of SPAM messages do not pay to have their
messages posted in Bionet.  Advertisers in journals, TV, Radio,
Newspapers etc pay to have thier messages, which reduce our subscription
charges. The cost of maintaining WWW page  is partly borne by 
Clontech, LI-COR, The Nest Group and Boehringher Mannheim and not by the
SPAM mailers.  Definitely the mailers of SPAM messages made me sign me
off from the various bionet listserves that I was subscribing to.  Now I
use the web pages of bionet to read the contents, and  ofcourse I ignore
the SPAM messages.  Had the WWW site not been started, I would have had
to put up with a lot of intrusions.

Sincerely yours,
P. Sathish Ph. D.
Post-Doctoral Researcher,
Department of Biochemistry,
Arrhenius Laboratories for Natural Sciences,
Stockholm University,
S 106 91 Stockholm,

Phone: +46 8 16 2464
Fax: +46 8 15 3679
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