Gel Documentation Systems

Betsy Alberty alsbyte1 at
Sat Jul 19 02:39:26 EST 1997

Eugenie L. Harris wrote:
> Since the introduction of Stratagene's Eagleeye a few years ago an
> increasing number of biotech companies market gel documentation
> systems.  They comprise, at a minimim, a digital camera and some way of
> recording or permanently capturing the gel image.  Is there any
> "consumer report" available anywhere outlining the advantages and
> disadvantages of the various systems and their costs?  My ears are open
> to your comments on your gel documentation system.  Thanks:)
> Jean Harris
I suggest you also take a serious look at alpha innotech's gel doc
system.  I'm an independent rep (but don't sell gel doc systems)and a
*lot* of my mol bio reagent customers think it's far superior to
bio-rad's or stratagene's system.  You can find them at

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