Acid-Phenol Extraction of cccDNA-2

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Acid-Phenol:best method ever for mini-preps, I've used it for hundreds of
thousands of preps and its never failed me. We originally used it for
making sequencing preps because you get only supercoiled plasmid back, but
we found a shortened protocol missing an RNAse step gave us good preps,
good enough to restrict anyway and we found that we always had high
yields. Besides following the example of Qiagen kits we now add RNAse at
the start in the resuspension buffer for the spun down coli. Cheap,
cheerful, yes, reliable, yes and in my eyes beats promega wizard, qiaquick
hands down!!!!!!!!

                                    long live acid phenol

                                          ilyas pH 4.0 and falling!

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