retrovirus and polybrene

Aki Manninen ltakma at
Thu Jul 17 09:52:40 EST 1997

I am setting up a transformation assay using murine retroviruses as
carriers of the gene of interest. And being a rookie with this system I
have some very simple questions...
What would be a good source of polybrene which is used to enhance the
infectivity of the particles. I think the substance is called
hexadimethrine bromide. Is the pure stuff from sigma catalog OK for this
purpose? Anyone who has experience with Retronectin? I would be more than
happy to get some tips to think about using this infection method
(protocols other than Curr. Prot. Mol. Biol. or Maniatis).

Thanks in advance!

Aki Manninen
Institute of Med. Tech.
Tampere, Finland
aki.manninen at        

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