Do I have a peptide signal sequence?

Anne-Laure Provost alprovos at
Thu Jul 17 08:58:31 EST 1997

I have sequenced a cDNA and I am not sure to have the N-terminal 
extremity of my protein because my Kozak's sequence is not good:
gccacttcggATGg, futhermore, the 1040 bases before this sequence seem 
to be no codant because of the presence of numerous codon stop in the 
three ORF and strech of A or T. My protein is a homologue of a family 
of transmembran protein and I have search a peptide sequence signal to 
know if I have the N-terminal extremity or not. This is the first 
amino acids of my sequence : 
What do you think about it, Do I have a peptide signal?
If no, do you know transmembran protein localizes on the plasma 
membran without this sequence?

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