Electroporating BACs

Chris Boyd chrisb at hgu.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Jul 17 05:51:41 EST 1997

Dr. J. Miano (jmiano at post.its.mcw.edu) wrote:
: Can someone please give me the conditions to electroporate a 80 kb BAC into
: bacterial cells.  PLease send to my email address.

: Thanks
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  author =       "Sheng, Y. and Mancino, V. and Birren, B.",
  title =        "{Transformation of {\it Escherichia coli} with large 
                 DNA molecules by electroporation}",
  journal =      "Nucleic Acids Research",  
  year =         "1995",
  volume =       "23", 
  pages =        "1990--1996",
It'll be woefully inefficient into any strain that isn't, like DH10B,

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